Art in media space: a public discussion
with Stella Rollig (writer and curator), Patrick Burgoyne (editor, Creative Review), Pauline van Mourik Broekman (co-editor and publisher, Mute), Sabine Dreher (museum in progress), chaired by Anthony Auerbach (artist and organiser of the ACF visual arts programme)

Austrian Cultural Forum
16 May 2002

In view of the intensity of the media environment, London perhaps presents particular challenges to a project such as mip's and so is a good place to open a debate about the relations between mass-media, art and public space. The voracious appetite of the advertising-, broadcast- and publishing industries for images is matched only by the appetite of artists for mass-media. The artists' efforts occasionally to question or blur that frame through which we recognise 'art' is matched by the efforts of art institutions (including the art market) to redefine it.

Stella Rollig is a writer critic and curator, focusing on artistic and curatorial practices outside of exhibition institutions, the relationship between art, the mass media and popular culture, and socio-political interventions developed in the context of art. In 1994, while she was the Austrian Federal Curator for Visual Arts, she founded the 'Depot. Art and Discussion' in Vienna. She has also been active as a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta, Canada, and currently at the University for Art and Industrial Design, Linz, and at Fachhochschule Joanneum, Graz. In 2000 Rollig curated 'Hers: Video as a Female Terrain' for Steirischer Herbst, Graz and since 2002 is curator for visual art at OK Center for Contemporary Art, Linz. Her most recent book, Dürfen die das? Kunst als sozialer Raum: Art/Education/Cultural Work/Communities (co-editor, Eva Sturm) was published in 2002.

Patrick Burgoyne is editor of Creative Review, the leading monthly review for the communication arts. The magazine covers design, advertising, new media, photography, typography and illustration and aims to highlight innovative practices, ideas and techniques. Patrick Burgoyne's books focus on new media and design in popular culture. His publications include Used: Browser 3.0 (with Liz Faber), The Internet Design Project (with Liz Faber, Lewis Blackwell and Adrian Talbot), Bored/board—on skate and surf graphics—(with Jeremy Leslie) and FC Football Graphics (with Jeremy Leslie).

Sabine Dreher is a freelance curator with special interest in interdisciplinary projects in the fields of visual art, design, media and architecture. Her projects realised with museum in progress since 1997 include: 'Global Positions' (19992002), Ken Lum: 'There is no place like home' (20002002), Hans-Peter Feldmann: 'Profil without word' (2000), 'Urban Tension' (2002). In 2000 Dreher set up 'Liquid Frontiers' together with Christian Muhr as a platform for interdisciplinary projects. Other recent projects include 'Stealing Eyeballs—Designing Media' (Künstlerhaus, Vienna, 2001) and 'State of Flux—Delugan-Meissl Architects Vienna' (Kunsthaus, Meran, 2002). See

Pauline van Mourik Broekman is, together with Simon Worthington, co-editor and publisher of Mute magazine, which was founded in 1994 and has developed into an international voice on technoculture and independent media production. Aside from editing Mute, she has also written and lectured on culture, media and publishing in the UK and abroad. Recent essays include 'The Vanishing'—on artistic responses to nuclear technology (Locus Solus, Black Dog Publishing/Locus Plus, 2000) and 'Art, interrupted'—on the work of English artist Josephine Pryde (Serena, Braunschweig, April/May 2001). See

museum in progress
in London: office, archive, exhibition
until 14 June 2002, Monday–Friday 0900–1700h
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