Claim Against Fame
Alexander Brener and Barbara Schurz
Published by MMMNNNRRRG and Lubok Bobok Samizdat

picture book in English
108pp, 283 × 209 mm, paperback

Since Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls there were no such beautiful female characters as in Brener/Schurz Claim Against Fame. This is the kind of book you will love: it tells you the things you want to know about fame and notoriety, obscurity and hiddenness, and also what to eat, what to wear, how to fuck and how to fight all apparatuses of power and authority. An impressive and entertaining work in the tradition of medieval urban legends, one which will be very hard to beat.

It's pretty rude to point out that most so-called political artists are really just revolutionaries in Tyrolean suits, "actor[s] of [their] own ideal," as Nietzsche says — and yet it's salutary to do so. At issue here is the relationship between sign and praxis ... [Proust and Valéry] come across as more revolutionary than a number of "engaged artists today because [they] plied their materials and honed their tools. An artist like Rirkrit Tiravnija, contrary to the hasty judgements of his critics, also works on forms: he couldn't care less about "reality" which sweeps through his installations like wind through a canyon. If signs today have trouble referring back to reality, this is because artists no longer take them seriously ...

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