news release: October 2003

Gelatin at the Frieze Art Fair

dear believers in gelatin

come all and experience candlelight athmospheres, interracial transformations, see hell below and a lifesize arc de triomphe

come with a smile on your faces and be prepared to volunteer
bring your parents, friends and children and dont arrive late as space at the auditorium is scarce

yours sincerely,

“manege frei”
Friday 17th October 2803
auditorium at frize art fare
big white tent at lower east hand side corner of regents park, london, UK

!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!
get in for free through pawel althamers little camping tent (its legal !)
ask at the main entrance for the little althamer camping tent.

“best early evening entertainment”
The Daily Planet

“children love gelatin”

press photos: Frieze Art Fair lecture
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