Mons Veneris: Female Geographies

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More pictures will be added soon. Slides are available on request.

Fiona Banner: Colour Blind (Arsewoman Slashed)
download image 2730 x 3502 pixels RGB jpeg

Sadie Benning: It wasn't love, video
download image 480 x 386 pixels greyscale jpeg

Ursula Biemann: Writing Desire, video
download image711 x 512 pixels RGB jpeg

Anca Daucikova
: Kissing Hour, video
download image 853 x 655 pixels RGB jpeg

Valie Export: Genitalpanik: Actionshose, photograph
download image 1494 x 1998 pixels greyscale jpeg

Roza el-Hassan/Milica Tomic: ... driving in the Porsche and thinking about overpopulation, billboard project
download image 2126x737 pixels RGB jpeg

Mara Mattuschka: SOS Extraterrestria, video
download image 599 x 463 pixels greyscale jpeg

Fiona Rukschcio: Self-defence Earflaps, video
download image 1807 x 1311 pixels RGB jpeg

Julia Wayne: At home with Marth, photograph
download image 3040 x 2016 pixels RGB jpeg